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For immigrants

Informasjon om biblioteket for innvanrere   Information für Flüchtlinge und Einwanderer

The collection

  • In the library you will find books on a wide variety of subjects, books both for learning and for pleasure. There are books for all age groups. You can borrow books or read in the library.
  • In addition to books, you will fin language courses, films on video cassette, "talking books" on cassette or CD, as well as music CDs.
  • At the library you can read newspapers in many languages: List, or try Pressdisplay from the PC's in our library.
  • You can also read magazines in other languages: List


  • Do you want to read books in your own language? We will try to orde them from "The Multi-lingual library" in Oslo.
  • From time to time, we have small collections of books from foreign languages, to lend. Ask us!
  • In the library you can use the internet. PCs are also available if you want to write letters or applications.

Library card and library rules

Before you can borrow something from the library you will first need to get a library card. Before we can issue you with a library card we will need an official identification with a photograph of yourself. Children under the age of 15 must have the consent and signature of a parent or guardian. Library cards are free of charge. 

Ask the library

You can ask the library by telephone, fax, email

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