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 Lånereglement Entleihregeln

Lending rules


1.The Right To Borrow Materials

Everybody living in Norway is entitled to borrow books and other items free of charge. For some items the right to borrow may be limited to the use of those in the library.

The library may limit the amount of items on loan simultaneously, if the items are much in demand. However, if the lending rules are not observed the right to borrow items may be forfeited.

2. Library card

A library card is issued on request, by showing official identification with a photo. The library’s borrower register shall include name, date of birth, registered address (in Folkeregistret) as well as e-mail address and mobile phone number, if applicable. Children under the age of 15 years need the signature of a superior on a form supplied by the library. Institutions are registered by name and a person responsible.

The library card must be presented each time books or other items are borrowed. If the library card has been forgotten, a loan can still be made by producing identification and paying a fee.

The library must be informed of any change of name, address, e-mail or mobile phone number, or loss of library card.

3. Loan Period

For books the normal loan period is 28 days. For other items and books in demand the loan period may differ. In special cases an extended loan period may be agreed on.

A loan can be renewed up to 3 times, unless it has been reserved by others. This does not apply to loans through other libraries (inter-library loans).

4. Loans From Other Libraries

The library will try providing books and other items from other libraries, provided these items are available for inter-library loans. For such loans the rules of the owner library apply.

5. Audio-visual Items

Audio-visual items (DVDs, cds, computer games, and so on) borrowed from the library are solely for private use. The age set for lending video films is in accordance with the recommended age for the actual film. Otherwise the library follows the regulations for renting out video films, set by the Town Council 28 June 2005.

6. The Internet

The library offers internet access on its premises. Searches on pages with pornographic, racial, or violent contents are not allowed. Other forms of usage violating Norwegian law is not allowed.

7. Responsibility

The borrower is responsible for all items borrowed using his/her library card. Items which are lost or damaged must be compensated for.

Reminders for items which have been returned too late, must be paid according to the current rules. With 2 outstanding reminders, the right to borrow materials is temporarily suspended, until the payment has been made.

The library is not responsible for any damage which may occur in technical equipment used by the borrower to show or use borrowed items.

8. Professional Secrecy

The library personnel are bound to observe professional secrecy regarding the borrowers and what they may borrow.

The lending rules were approved by the Sandefjord Committee for Culture and Leisure 12 December 2006


1. reminder Kr.   50,00 1. reminder Kr. 25,00
2. reminder Kr.  100,00 2. reminder Kr. 50,00
3. reminder Kr. 150,00 3. reminder Kr. 75,00


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